Sunday, July 27, 2014

Game review

The following correspondence game was one of the most intense games I've played. Probably because my opponent was a friend of mine, whom I used to play quite frequently, but haven't done so in a couple of months. He started playing with me about a year and a half ago, so a nice competitive rivalry has taken place. Even though I believe he has long surpassed my level, I felt quite happy of making the game a game worth enjoying. In fact, I never had so much fun while losing so badly at the same time! Notice that the game took only 4 days, although almost all moves took place on one night. I was so focused and expectant for his next move that it was like playing a live game. Unfortunately my little daughter was quite upset with me that night for not paying her a deserved attention.

 The game was unrated because my friend is not a frequent DGS player, so his ranking is unreal. He is actually 5kyu in KGS.

Below is the game. I haven't made an exhaustive analysis. Remember you can follow the variations by clicking on the letters that appear on the board.

Game review

Along my previous posts I've laughed pretty much about myself and my silly mistakes, but this time, I want to show a nice tesuji I played that not only made me win a game in which I was loosing bad, but left my opponent so pissed off that instead of resigning he let himself lose by timeout. I can hardly believe it worked, honestly I didn't have it all read out, but I knew that I had to exploit the aji of my surrounding stones. Check it out below. The sequence starts at move 180 on the lower left.

Game Review

The following correspondence game was played at DGS a few weeks ago. It's funny because I thought I was taking the lead comfortably, ignoring the fact that a huge group of mine was dead. By the time I realized I immediately resigned. How did it get killed? Overconfidence. I ignored many threats thinking it was still alive, until I blew it with an incorrect move. Well well, too bad because my prospects for the game were quite good I believe.

See the game below, notice the white left group by move 164.